Financial Advice & Wealth Management ...

Belmont Associates Ltd provides Independent financial advice and planning.

Helping you to make the right financial decisions at the right times in your life.

About Us...

Belmont Associates Ltd was established in 1995 as a firm of Independent Financial Advisers. Our office is based near Northampton, having provided Financial advice for 20 years our clients have spread across both the country and the world. As such we are comfortable providing both a face to face as well as telephone based service.

During the last 20 years there have been many changes in regulation and different levels of advice. However, Belmont Associates Ltd has remained committed to providing an Independent Whole of market Financial Advice service to our clients.

At our initial appointment we will discuss your current financial position, your personal and financial aspirations, your financial concerns and establish to help establish the best financial solution for you by:-

  • identifying your short, medium and long-term goals;
  • clarifying precisely what you want from life;
  • mapping out your route to get there;
  • making easy to understand recommendations;
  • adjusting your plan during significant life changes.

Being independent we will look after your personal interests. We consider and research many options in order to find the most suitable products and services for you.

If you are thinking about creating and putting a financial plan into action, we may consider things you have not. Why not talk it through with us today?

Our Service

We work on the basis of clear transparent fees. As we offer bespoke advice we will provide you with a quote that details what services we will provide and the associated fees in a " Services & Payments Agreement"  We will not commence chargeable work until agreed by you..

Our Experience

Belmont Associates Ltd has expertise in both generic financial planning and specialist areas such as Pension Transfers, Long term Care and Estate planning.

The Advice process

In general there are 4 stages to our initial advice process:

1: Initial Meeting

2: Advice and Reports

3: Implementation

4: Ongoing support and reviews

Review service

As important as the initial advice you receive is ensuring its continuing suitability. Many factors change such as personal circumstances, legislation and the financial environment. We feel that an on-going client relationship is very important and at the outset we will agree a review procedure and review fee based on one of our four service propositions.

We normally express the review fees as a % of the funds being managed. Depending on the size and complexity of your affairs, a review fee will normally be between 0.5% and 1% p.a. A minimum monthly fee of £15.00 and a maximum monthly fee of £1000.00.The fee is normally deducted on a monthly basis directly from your portfolio.