Essential Proposition

Ongoing meetings
Review meetingIn addition to the core services, at any time you can choose to pay for review meeting, if perhaps your requirements or circumstances change, to discuss your current investments and establish if they still meet your needs.
Online PortalDetails of any plans, pensions and ivestments you have arranged with us will be shown on our online portal, where available current valations will be displayed.
Ad hoc reportIf you choose to have an extra meeting, we will provide a report summarising our discussions and any recommendations we may make. The implementation of such recommendations may be subject to an addition fee.
Investment approach
 You will be able to view your investments and where available current va;uations through the client portal, however we will not unless you instruct us otherwise monitor or review your investments or their suitablilty to your current financial position.
Telephone / Secure email direct access to IFAYou can telephone or email the office at anytime during working hours for assistance. Where appropriate, we may suggest an ad hoc meeting for more complex queries / needs.
Client file retentionWe will keep your file up to date as your circumstances change and will hold it securely at our offices for as long as you remain one of our clients.
Forward provider correspondenceWe will forward any correspondence concerning your investments to ensure you are kept up to date with their performance and current value.
Annual newsletterOn an annual basis we will send you our newsletter, which contains useful articles to keep you informed about our firm and financial matters in general.
Rough guide to costsAs each clients circumstances are unique we will confirm a bespoke cost for your service. However a rough guide is 0.25% of the value of the investments we manage for you subject to a minimum of £15 / month