Premiere Proposition

This service is for clients who are seeking regular contact with their adviser and who’s planning requirements can be achieved through an individual investment or pre-constructed portfolio. This would normally apply to clients with between £100,000 and £250,000 to invest.

Our initial consultation will establish what financial considerations are important to you.   We listen to your objectives and concerns and, by doing so, establish a plan that is specific to your needs. We then research across all the appropriate markets to provide an understandable and acceptable solution to these needs.

We provide you with your report and, if you are happy with our strategy, we implement our recommendations, deal with all the paperwork for you, and keep you informed of progress each step of the way.

We then provide you with an on-going service which, among other things, gives you access to your adviser at all times.

Recommended investments - this will be a pre-constructed portfolio of investment funds which meets a specific risk profile, and has a specific mandate, e.g. growth, income, or a combination of the two. The portfolios are constructed, reviewed and maintained by the providers Investment Committee, which meets regularly to ensure that the funds contained within the portfolios are fit for purpose.